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Make Money with Free Trade

Free Trade is a trading app, which when I first heard of it I thought ‘I know nothing about trading, what use could I have for an app like that?!’ but actually that doesn’t matter! We can make between £3 & £200 just from signing up to the app, no trading involved, as they offer a free share to new customers. Also, each friend you invite to sign up to Freetrade will also get you a free share!

Shares can be cashed out instantly and you only need to deposit £1 to get your free share (that can be withdrawn at any moment) so you’re not at risk of losing any money, honestly what’s not to like? Follow the steps below to get your free share and then get inviting your friends to the app to earn even more.

Step One

download the free share app using this link. (You must use this link in order to get the free share)

Step Two

Set up an account of Freetrade with all your details. You only need to use the basic account, no need to subscribe.

Step Three

Complete the W-8BEN form to confirm you’re a U.K. tax payer

Step Four

Deposit £1 into your Freetrade account (this can be withdrawn shortly) and then (im)patiently wait until Wednesday for your free share!

Shares are allocated each Wednesday so you’ll find out then if you’ve been lucky enough to get a big £200 share. Even if you ‘only’ got a £3 share, it’s still free money! You’ll also find out what company your share is with and there’s some pretty cool companies like

Once you’ve found out how much your share is worth you can sell it and withdraw the balance, along with your initial £1 instantly. You can also leave the share alone and see if it increases (or decreases) in value.

Now you’ve got your first free share, start inviting your friends to get more. Your friend will get a free share and so will you.

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