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3 Ways to Make it through to Pay Day

Being a mum is expensive. There’s no beating around the bush. From the second you find out you’re pregnant there’s so many costs in preparing for baby’s arrival and making sure they have everything they’ll need. Travel systems, cots, car seats, prams, clothes, nappies, wipes, the list is endless! Once your little one is here the things they need just keep on growing, as fast as they do! 

Whether you’re waiting for your maternity pay or you’re working but just need a little bit of money to keep you going until pay day, here’s my top tips for making some extra cash to keep you going until the end of the month 

Sell on EBay, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace

This is one of my favourite ways to make some money fast. Children grow out of clothes and toys in the blink of an eye and the best way to make some extra cash is have a clear out of all the old things! 

Vinted and eBay are great for clothes. You can create bundles in age groups like 0-3 month baby grows or 6-9 month summer clothes set or you can sell items individually if they have a little more value like a Frugi fleece or a JoJo Maman Bebe coat. There a great preloved market out there for baby clothes and it can make you a decent bit of money. Just remember to stay on top of sorting out old clothes or it can become overwhelming! 

Facebook Marketplace is great for bigger items like old prams or baby baths or bundles of outgrown toys. The fab thing about Facebook as well is people pay cash in hand on pick up so you’ve no waiting around for money to hit your bank (and no postage costs too!) 

Online Surveys

Online surveys are another great simple money making scheme from the comfort of your own home. Although they aren’t guaranteed money each month they’re worth doing as it soon adds up! People for Research is a great site and you can make around £80 if you do a zoom call (which normally takes an hour) 

Start a small business

Maybe not the simplest way to make money but equally a great long term money maker, starting a small business from home could bring in some extra cash each month. If you have an already existing skill like crocheting, craft or painting using a site like Etsy to sell your products would bring in a nice little amount of extra spending money each month.

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